Razer BlackWidow Chroma

The Game Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Review

Every year thousands of different gadgets and devices appear, designed to interest the consumer with design, price or other characteristics. But the top models within the same line go much less often, about once a year. The reason for this is quite simple, the creation of such a product requires much more time and effort, as it is necessary to put together all the experience of past developments and implement it in one device. Our editorial staff was lucky enough to get one of these devices for review, today we will get to know Razer company and its top- level game keyboard BlackWidow Chroma .

Game Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma

Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma


  • Model: Razer BlackWidow Chroma;
  • Black color;
  • Directivity: game;
  • Purpose: desktop computer;
  • Type: mechanical;
  • Backlight: RGB, adjustable;
  • Interface connection: USB;
  • Total number of keys: 109;
  • Number of additional keys: 5;
  • Material: Plastic Soft-Touch;
  • Built-in USB hub: yes;
  • Headphone jack: yes;
  • Microphone connector: yes;
  • Resource: up to 60 million taps;
  • Frequency of interrogation: 1000 Hz;
  • Cable length: 1.8 m;
  • Size: 475x171x39 mm;
  • Weight: 1.5 kg.


Packing and equipment

BlackWidow Chroma is clad in a box of impressive sizes, while the decoration is immediately mesmerizing. On the one hand, everything is modest and ascetic, but such a variety of colors delight the look.

Distinctive consumer properties, which allow to attribute this model to the TOP level, are applied over the whole area of ​​the package.

In the lower right corner, access to four keys is provided so that the future happy owner can evaluate the quality of the Razer mechanical switches.

After opening, you will find a special tab that will help you remove the keyboard.

To ensure that such a valuable sample of the gaming periphery got to you intact and safe, the manufacturer provided for a separate reinforced frame of thick cardboard. Above, the keyboard is covered with a transparent plastic cover, which can be used later to protect your device from dust and dirt.

Inside, you’ll find the Razer BlackWidow Chroma and the traditional black envelope.

In the envelope is a user’s guide, brief brochures and two company stickers with company’s logo.

Design, appearance

BlackWidow Chroma is a full-size gaming keyboard built on mechanical switches. As in the case of BlackWidow Ultimate, the Chroma model exists in two variations. One uses mechanical switches that produce a characteristic “clutch”, and secondly uses quieter switches and the name of the model is attributed to the acronym Stealth.

The keyboard is small in size and you can safely assume that you can place the device even in a very limited space of the table. The case is completely and completely devoid of glossy inserts, as the material is used plastic soft-touch. Despite the fact that this material is a little marble, it is much more practical than gloss or simple plastic.

The keys are of classical shape, full-sized, with a smooth depression to the center. To improve tactile perception, the surface of each button has undergone processing. To write the inscriptions on the keys, laser engraving was used.

On the left side, with the edge, there are five macro-keys. In fact, all keys are programmable, but in the case of M1-M5, you can assign a complex command without resorting to software, just press Fn + F9.

The Win key, which executes the role of the Start function in the operating system, is easily blocked by pressing Fn + F10. This option has become mandatory for gaming keyboards, since during the game many randomly press this button and the game window collapses, and the player loses control over the situation.

The Fn button allows you to use the secondary functions of other keys, mainly F1-F12. In the center, behind the glass, is the illuminated Razer logo.

With the help of “hot keys” you can easily and quickly adjust the sound, switch the music track or adjust the backlight. On each key, which is equipped with an additional function, the corresponding image is plotted.

On the reverse side, you will not find anything remarkable.

In the central part, on the plate, the serial number of the device is indicated.

On the perimeter are rubber feet, which prevent sliding of the keyboard on the surface.

To increase the comfort of printing, you can adjust the height of the slope.

The right end provides quick access to the USB port and connectors for connecting headphones with a microphone.

The wire for connection is placed in the middle and covered with a separate plastic element. Cable length 1.8 m.

All contacts are gold-plated, you need two free USB ports and two 3.5mm mini jack connectors for the microphone and headphones.


Under the inscription Razer Mechanical Switch are hidden switches Kailh, and the color of the cross corresponds to the company’s corporate style and has nothing to do with Cherry MX Green. Clap keys decently, remotely resembling the sound of a typewriter. If you are sure that similar sounds during printing or during the game will not prevent relatives, then there is no problem. But if someone else is in the room with you and tries to rest, then it’s better to look at Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth.

The use of notorious rubber rings does not affect the situation at all. Keys like klatsali, and continue to clap with the same level of noise. Triggering occurs before the button reaches the gum and the main noise occurs precisely when the switch is activated, and not from the full stroke of the key.

The closest analogue to these switches will be Cherry MX Blue, only the triggering of the Razer Switch switches occurs even earlier, the very sensation of pressing is more pronounced.


A masterpiece, this is the right term when it comes to realizing the highlight on the Razer BlackWidow Chroma.

Both layouts are clearly visible, despite the chosen color. The brightness can be adjusted using the appropriate keys.

To select the backlight is available 16.8 million colors, while you can apply a number of special effects that give a stunning look to the keyboard. On a variety of settings for highlighting, we’ll take a closer look at the Razer Synapse utility.

Branded software

To implement all the functions, you will need to download and install Razer Synapse 2.0. To use the utility, you need to register an account or use the previously created one. In the second case, when you run the application, you can import settings if you already had devices from Razer.

Certain actions, including launching an application or a macro command, can be linked to any key, i.e. the entire keyboard is programmable. And most importantly, all stored profiles are stored in the cloud Razer, so when you change the device or reinstall the operating system, you will not lose anything.

If you click on the gear in the upper right corner, you will see a menu of settings in which you can run an update check or send a feedback about the company’s products.

Let’s move on to the most interesting section, which provides the ability to adjust the backlight. Here it is possible to set the brightness of the glow of the keys, and also to set a certain effect:

Breath – two colors are available for selection, which will change in sequence when the backlight fades and resumes. And also you can choose random alternation of color.

In manual – in this case it is possible to colorize the keyboard in any colors, highlighting is assigned in a literal sense to each key individually.

Dynamic – glow occurs only when you press a key, while you can set the duration of the effect.

Cyclic spectrum change – there is an alternation of color on the spectrum, for example, from red to yellow, etc.

Static – the highlight color will be fixed.

The wave is the most interesting, bright and impressive mode, in which the keyboard is poured with all colors from left to right or vice versa.

In the game mode section, access to the lock of the Win key and Alt + F4, Alt + Tab combinations is provided.

An important role is played by the support of macros and for these tasks it is assigned its own section with adjustable delay on pressing.

Analysis of statistics and a click-through card in the game allows you to evaluate the most active areas and route for the mouse, as well as the number of keystrokes when it comes to the keyboard. The number of hits on the keys is tied to the games you have installed and statistics are kept for each one individually.

Practical use

First of all, I want to note the compactness of Razer BlackWidow Chroma, which is very convenient if you have little space on the table. The lack of a removable wrist rest with a serious price for the device, some can upset. The surface of the keyboard is marching, I highly recommend not interacting with the keys with bold hands, as it will not be easy to erase such prints.

The whole essence of these gaming keyboards is the instantaneous processing of pressing, which gives a noticeable advantage over opponents with membrane keyboards. Any of your action in the game will be worked out faster. You do not have to apply unnecessary efforts or press the key all the way, as on the half way the team will already be sent and the action corresponding to the function of the key will take place in the game.

I want and should note the high ergonomics and tactile sensation when the key is triggered, i.e. you will know exactly when the depression has passed. Depending on the effect, backlighting can detract from the game, so I recommend choosing less extravagant effects like a wave and more to stick to a static color fixation. It would be nice to add the option of setting the backlight mode for several situations. For example, if you moved away or did not press the keyboard, a wave effect would be applied, giving a stunning look to your device. And during activity, a different backlighting mode, for example dynamic or manually set, would be included.

Also I want to note the loud knocking of keys, which someone will be unpleasant. In particular, I would prefer to take the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth and additionally supply the keys with rubber rings, which would have a significant impact on reducing noise when you press the keys.


When it comes to choosing a gaming periphery, few can spend a tidy sum for gaining an advantage in games. But those who are really ready to choose devices based on their preferences, and I must say that the company Razer always tried to listen to the opinion of players. Novelty, represented by Razer BlackWidow Chroma , is the embodiment of many years of experience of the company and is rightly considered the most perfect keyboard for today.

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